Is one of our signature methods of cutting.  Gravity, along with
natural growth patterns, create natural parts all around the head, we
Using this method on any haircut and with any length will result in the
most well balanced haircut possible.  
Once you master this technique, you'll wonder how you managed
without it.

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Bored with the bob haircut?  We are, so we came up with a method
of cutting that creates an updated and exciting spin on the
commonly associated with the bob haircut and replace them with
curves and contours, that create an entire new trend for this cut.
You and your clients will see the volume, shape and texture that
make this haircut exciting.
Is one of our signature methods of cutting.  Traditionally, the
guidelines in most haircuts begin on top of the head.  With this
technique, the guideline begins in the back around the bottom, this
is a great technique for cutting those short haircuts, as it removes a
lot of weight around the back and bottom of the haircut and evenly
distributes the weight of the cut from side to side.  
You will be amazed with the bounce, volume and style support your
clients will receive with this cut.